Monday, June 30, 2008

4 & 4

This morning, I met 4 holy nuns, and this evening I met 4 holy priests!!!

This morning I said Mass at MC Sisters' convent. At the Mass we pray especially for those I have baptized and confirmed yesterday. We also offer the Mass in thanksgiving for my 2 years at Corpus Christi. After the Mass, the Sisters make their consecration to the Sacred Heart, and I blessed their whole building. It was my first time going into their living areas, and I was touched by their simple way of living...

This evening, I met 4 priests. The 5 of us who were ordained in 2006 had a "secret gathering" together to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. We celebrated Mass together and went out for Janpanese food & ice-cream. It was a fun "priestly" evening!!!

New Customs for Prayer Group

Last night, our Chinese Prayer Group had more than 50 people. We needed to meet in the church instead of the meeting room. I gave the Bible Study on John ch. 5 to 6.

I have introducted 2 new customs for our 3 Prayer Groups:

First, to pray together the Life Offering Prayer at the end of each prayer meeting before imparting the Blessing of Mary Help of Chrsitian (composed by St. John Bosco). Here is the story of the Life Offering Prayer:

Second, each month I am going to offer at least one Mass for all members (living & dead) of the 3 Prayer Groups. I have already offered Masses for the members on June 19th & 26th.

I have added a few pictures from last night meeting to my Prayer Groups Photo Album:

Last Sunday @ Corpus Christi

Yesterday was the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul. It was also my last Sunday at Corpus Chrsiti. I had the great joy of doing 14 Baptisms on this great feast. 13 of the Baptisms were done at the 4:30 pm Cantonese. During the same Mass, I also confirmed 2 baptized catholics.

Here is the link to the Photo Ablum of the Baptism & Confirmation:

During the Masses, I gave reflections on the livers of Sts. Peter & Paul. St. Peter gave us an example of true repentant. St. Paul is a model of us priests, who need to move from one place to another. Below are the links to my sermons. (If the links don't work, please highlight the address and copy it and paste it to your address bar)

In English:

In Cantonese:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Programs at Corpus Christi

As I am leaving Corpus Christi soon, this is the time to say good-bye to the different parish groups and to ensure that the programs I have started will carry on.

Last night the Chinese Family Rosary Group held a pot-luck farewell dinner for me. This group was started by Sister Helen Hong, and I believe this is the most successful group in the whole Corpus Christi Parish. The key of success for this group is "good people". It is from this group that I obtained the necessary supports and man-power to begin different new programs in the past two years.

This afternoon we had our last gathering of the Queen of Angels Youth& Children Group before our summer vacation. I started this group almost 5 months ago with the help of a group of volunteers, a number of whom from the Family Rosary Group.

Right after the Queen of Angels Group, I went to the hall for our English Catholic Open House. Catholic Open House is an idea that I borrowed from Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, Richmond. It is a meal with non-catholics and fallen-away catholics, with music, testimonies, games, and a talk from the priest. The theme this evening is "Happiness". Here is a link to my speech this evening (if link doesn't work, please "copy & paste"):

Joseph Chu and Sheila Gill are my favorite catechists at Corpus Chrsiti. They are going to take over my teaching tasks at CC. Joseph Chu is going teach Chinese RCIA, and Sheila Gill is going to be in charge of the High School PREP. I am very grateful for their generosity in the past two years, and I pray that the Lord will bless their works at CC.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Opus Dei Mass

This evening we had Mass at Corpus Christi in honor of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the Founder of Opus Dei. Archbishop Miller was the main celebrant. There were 10 of us priests concelebrating. I was specially glad to see my confessor, Father Joseph Soria tonight. Last month, Father Soria was very sick in the hospital. His recover was like a miracle. We were all very happy to see him celebrating with us.
Saint Josemaria Escriva taught us the universal call to holiness. To be holy, we do not have to do extraordinary things. Being faithful to our ordinary tasks is the broadway to holiness. May the teachings and examples of Saint Josemaria inspire in our hearts the spirit of holiness.


Yesterday was the last day of school. This year four of us staff (the principal, teacher, TA, and myself) are leaving Corpus Christi. At the end of the school Mass, the four of us came forward and the students sing a blessing song over us. All four of us had a hard time hold back our tear. It's not easy to say good-bye!!!

Yesterday early afternoon, we had a funeral for Clara Lau, a wonderful grandmother. Her children and grandchildren are very active at Corpus Christi Parish. She had great love for the Church and for priests. Yesterday there were 5 of us priests concelebrated the funeral. May she rest in peace.

This morning is our last Thursday RCIA. We had an early lunch together. Some of the new catholics brought their children as well. It's wonderful to see the children whom I have the joy to baptize in the past two years. I am vert grateful that I have a very wonderful group of RCIA students this year. Even though all our classes at Corpus Christi are now finished. We are still going to be in touch my private groups. I have added more photos of this gathering on our Prayer Groups Ablum.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Prayer Group

Today is the second meeting of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Prayer Group. This group is the smallest of the three Prayer Groups I am leading. We have about 25 members, and we meet at a private home twice a month on Monday morning. Many of the members are new Catholics whom I instructed and baptized in the past two years. As a catechist, I firmly believe that follow-up after Baptism is very important. Our meeting lasts 1 hour 30 mintues. In the first 45 mintues we pray the Rosary with guided meditations. In the second 45 mintues, there is a presentation (Bible Study or Sprirtual Life). Today's meeting is on the Spiritual Life. The topic is on the first three chapters of St. Francis de Sales' Introduction to the Devout Life.

I have set up a new Photo Album for Prayer Groups Meetings. And I will add pictures of the other two Prayer Groups to the Album in the near future as well.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Children & Women Hospitals

As Chaplain of Hospital, you can experience both joy and sorrow on the same day. This morning I received phone call from the dad of the 15 years old girl whom I baptized last Friday, he told me that she had already passed away. This afternoon I had the joy to see the parents of the baby girl, whom I baptized also at Children Hospital on May 1st. They come to give thanks to God for giving the baby health.

Sunday Sermons

Quite a number of people suggested me to post my Sunday Sermons on-line. Here it is, I hope it will help you spiritually. This Sunday, I preached on witnessing for Christ by prayer, teaching, and good example.

Cantonese Sermon:

I have been trying to learn how to use different on-line computer features in these few days, so that I can keep in touch with my Prayer Groups members from Corpus Christi after my transfer to St. Patrick's. I was surpised to find a number of priests and lots of seminarians @ It seems to be more "catholic" than I expected. If you know a good web-site to upload mp3 audio, please let me know. Thanks! God bless!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Photo Albums

I just set up two Photo Albums. One is for Easter Baptism & my Birthday; another one is for my Ordiantion Anniverary. This is my first time doing it. It takes so long..... I was able to pray a decade of the Rosary each time I uploaded 5 pictures, and I prayed a good 5 decades of Rosary before the computer screen! Enjoy! God bless!

Here are the links:

Friday, June 20, 2008

40th Anniversary

This evening we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Ordination of our pastor, Fr. Michael. We had Mass at 6 pm. Followed by pot-luck dinner. It was a good celebration. Let's pray for Fr. Michael, and pray for vocation to the Priesthood.

Pray for the Sick

Last night, I was called to the Children Hospital around mid-night to baptize a 15 years old girl with Pneumonia. She was in a coma, and was not doing well. I also gave her the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Anointing of the Sick. Please pray for the girl and her family in this difficult time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Post

I am happy to set up this new Blog. Let's pray for the success of the International Eucharistic Congress: