Monday, June 30, 2008

4 & 4

This morning, I met 4 holy nuns, and this evening I met 4 holy priests!!!

This morning I said Mass at MC Sisters' convent. At the Mass we pray especially for those I have baptized and confirmed yesterday. We also offer the Mass in thanksgiving for my 2 years at Corpus Christi. After the Mass, the Sisters make their consecration to the Sacred Heart, and I blessed their whole building. It was my first time going into their living areas, and I was touched by their simple way of living...

This evening, I met 4 priests. The 5 of us who were ordained in 2006 had a "secret gathering" together to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. We celebrated Mass together and went out for Janpanese food & ice-cream. It was a fun "priestly" evening!!!