Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday was the last day of school. This year four of us staff (the principal, teacher, TA, and myself) are leaving Corpus Christi. At the end of the school Mass, the four of us came forward and the students sing a blessing song over us. All four of us had a hard time hold back our tear. It's not easy to say good-bye!!!

Yesterday early afternoon, we had a funeral for Clara Lau, a wonderful grandmother. Her children and grandchildren are very active at Corpus Christi Parish. She had great love for the Church and for priests. Yesterday there were 5 of us priests concelebrated the funeral. May she rest in peace.

This morning is our last Thursday RCIA. We had an early lunch together. Some of the new catholics brought their children as well. It's wonderful to see the children whom I have the joy to baptize in the past two years. I am vert grateful that I have a very wonderful group of RCIA students this year. Even though all our classes at Corpus Christi are now finished. We are still going to be in touch my private groups. I have added more photos of this gathering on our Prayer Groups Ablum.