Monday, June 30, 2008

New Customs for Prayer Group

Last night, our Chinese Prayer Group had more than 50 people. We needed to meet in the church instead of the meeting room. I gave the Bible Study on John ch. 5 to 6.

I have introducted 2 new customs for our 3 Prayer Groups:

First, to pray together the Life Offering Prayer at the end of each prayer meeting before imparting the Blessing of Mary Help of Chrsitian (composed by St. John Bosco). Here is the story of the Life Offering Prayer:

Second, each month I am going to offer at least one Mass for all members (living & dead) of the 3 Prayer Groups. I have already offered Masses for the members on June 19th & 26th.

I have added a few pictures from last night meeting to my Prayer Groups Photo Album: