Saturday, June 28, 2008

Programs at Corpus Christi

As I am leaving Corpus Christi soon, this is the time to say good-bye to the different parish groups and to ensure that the programs I have started will carry on.

Last night the Chinese Family Rosary Group held a pot-luck farewell dinner for me. This group was started by Sister Helen Hong, and I believe this is the most successful group in the whole Corpus Christi Parish. The key of success for this group is "good people". It is from this group that I obtained the necessary supports and man-power to begin different new programs in the past two years.

This afternoon we had our last gathering of the Queen of Angels Youth& Children Group before our summer vacation. I started this group almost 5 months ago with the help of a group of volunteers, a number of whom from the Family Rosary Group.

Right after the Queen of Angels Group, I went to the hall for our English Catholic Open House. Catholic Open House is an idea that I borrowed from Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, Richmond. It is a meal with non-catholics and fallen-away catholics, with music, testimonies, games, and a talk from the priest. The theme this evening is "Happiness". Here is a link to my speech this evening (if link doesn't work, please "copy & paste"):

Joseph Chu and Sheila Gill are my favorite catechists at Corpus Chrsiti. They are going to take over my teaching tasks at CC. Joseph Chu is going teach Chinese RCIA, and Sheila Gill is going to be in charge of the High School PREP. I am very grateful for their generosity in the past two years, and I pray that the Lord will bless their works at CC.