Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to Work!!!

It is good to be busy! When I was in Australia, I did miss the business of parish life. I am very happy to be busy once again. I was especially busy on Saturday. I said a Mass for the volunteers of the Summer Day Camp ran by the Missionaries of Charity at Lion Bay. I did a wedding Mass at Corpus Christi, and said Mass at St. Patrick's in the evening. While I was with the Chinese Family Rosary Group of Corpus Christi later that same evening, I was called to go over to the Children's Hospital to baptize a baby girl. I already baptized a baby boy earlier on Thursday. I ask the readers of this blog to keep these two babies and their parents in your prayers.

I introduced myself at the Sunday Masses at St. Patrick's. It is a very welcoming and warm community. I really like the people of my new parish!!! Since, Corpus Christi Parish did not have a Chinese priest, I also went back to Corpus Christi to help hearing Confession and to say the Chinese Mass. Many Chinese parishioners were surprise to see me back. We were very happy to be together again! I don't know how long I will be helping to say the Chinese Mass, but I will treasure every moment with this beautiful community!!! On Sunday and Monday (Today), I also conduct prayer meetings for my three private Prayer Groups. "Back to Work" is a great blessing!