Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer Warriors

It's so important to pray, and it's so wonderful to pray with people. Prayer is the universal language of the Catholic Church. No matter what parish I am at, I always find prayerful people. At St. Patrick's, like many other parishes, there is a group of "Prayer Warriors". Majority of the group belongs to the Senior Club. They pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy in the chapel after the 8:15 am Mass. Every Wednesday, they have a Bible Study on the Sunday Gospel Reading. I am also very glad that a number of them expressed interest to join my English Prayer Group.
Most members of my English Prayer Group are either Filipino or Chinese. A good portion of our members, of course, is from my former parish: Corpus Christi. But there is also a good number of members from the Young Adults Group @ St. Francis Xavier, and a good number from the Handmaids of the Lord. With parishioners from St. Patrick's also expressing interests to join our group, I hope that many of us will be united in prayer for the peace and salvation of the world.
Prayer is very important for us priests. This is our primary duty. Without the nourishment of prayer, our works can become dry routines. Prayer gives us a sense of wonder and awe of what we are doing as priests. Thanks God for giving me so many prayer companions!!!
Today and yesterday, I was busy setting up my office and bedroom. I want to feel prayerful in my office too. It is where I post things @ this blog. Here are some pictures of my new office @ St. Patrick's.