Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Toronto

August 28, the Feast of St. Augustine. I spent the day with my sister Amiee visiting old friends......

Uncle Tam, Aunt Wong, myself, Aunt Tam, my sister


My Confirmation student & my sister's schoolmate


In the evening, I celebrated Mass @ a Chinese parish, and heard Confessions for some of the volunteers of ECCCLC......

P1000728  P1000729 P1000732 P1000735

After Mass & Confession, we went out for food......

P1000736 P1000737 P1000738

P1000740 P1000742 P1000743

P1000744 P1000745

We are looking forward to ECCCLC. The camp will be from Friday evening to Monday afternoon. After the camp, I will post photos & audio of ECCCLC to Blogger. Please keep us in your prayer. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting Ready for ECCCLC

Tomorrow, I will be going to Toronto for Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp (ECCCLC). I will be the speaker for this camp. This camp is for young Chinese Catholics (age 17 to 35). There will be around 200 participants. For more information about the camp please visit......


I was planning the talks for the camp this morning. I will give 3 major talks during the camp. The theme of the 1st talk is on Holy Eucharist & Confession; the theme of the 2nd talk is on Prayer & Penance; and the theme of the 3rd talk is on witnessing by Word, Example, & Prayer.

One of the things I did today is to obtain a first class relic (part of the body) of St. Maria Goretti from my spiritual director. Including this new relic, I now have 3 first class relics with documents. The other 2 saints are St. Gemma Galgani & Blessed Anne Marie Taigi. I will bring these 3 relics to ECCCLC, and at the end of each major talk, I will share the story of one of the saints, and bless the young people with the relic.

Relic of Saint Maria Goretti:

P1000709 P1000712

Relic of Saint Gemma Galgani:


Relic of Blessed Anne Marie Taigi:


All three 1st class relics:


After obtaining the relic this afternoon, I went to the Hospital, intending to say good-bye to the patients before my trip, and to bless a mother who was expecting twins.

But to my surprise, the mother already gave birth to them, so I baptized the 2 baby girls today and blessed each of them with the relic of St. Maria Goretti.

The elder sister:


The younger sister (she was weaker, so we didn't want her to expose to too much light):


One interesting thing is that the older sister is one minute older than the younger one. But when I baptized them, without thinking, I baptized the younger one first, then the older one. So, now they got even with each other! In natural birth, one is 1 minute older than the other, but in spiritual birth, the other is 1 minute older!!

I ask the readers of this blog to pray for the baby girls and the parents. I promised them that I will ask many people to pray for them.

After the Baptism, I visited the other 2 babies that I baptized earlier. I also blessed them with the relic. I would like to thank your prayers, they have improved alot!!! Another baby girl that I baptized last month had been discharged from the hospital earlier this month.

Little baby Jacinta did extremely well after her Baptism. In just one week, she is now able to play toys and talk. The father of baby Jacinta would like to express his gratitude for your prayers.



Monday, August 25, 2008

Chinese Prayer Meeting

Last evening, one of my private prayer groups (Hearts of Jesus and Mary Prayer Group) met @ St. Pat. About 40 people came for the meeting. I gave the members a talk on the spiritual life in Cantonese. Here is the audio link....

MP3 talk in Chinese

I talked about the importance of Contrition, and the qualities of a good contrition. I gave a similar talk to my English Prayer Group last Monday. Here is the link to my older post for that meeting........

Post for English Meeting (Aug 18)




MP3 Sermons (Aug 24)

Yesterday, I preached on the Papacy. We Catholics needed to be united in: 1. Doctrine, 2, Worship, and 3. Moral.

1. Doctrine: I explained the necessity of "Development of Doctrine", and I encouraged the faithful to learn about the Faith by reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Compendium.

2. Worship: I gave examples of how the Pope exercised his authority in matters of worship in recent years. And I encouraged the faithful to follow this year's theme: Year of St. Paul.

3. Moral: I explained the process of Canonization. And I encouraged the faithful to look for answers for moral questions from the Teaching Authority of the Church.

Here are the audio links........

MP3 English Sermon (11 am Mass @ St. Pat)

MP3 Chinese Sermon (4:30 pm Mass @ CC)


Yesterday, I had the joy of baptizing 2 lovely baby girls: Grace & Josiah.......






P1000699 P1000701

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mass & Lunch with MC Co-Workers

Today, I had the joy to celebrate Mass for the c o-workers of Missionary of Charity. I was happy to see the nuns and to eat lunch with the co-workers. I preached on the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I summed up devotion to the Immaculate Heart with 3 C's

1. Consecration

2. Contemplation

3. Charity

Consecration: We pray Act of Consecration & Daily Offering to give all that we are and all that we have to Our Lady. We entrust our works and projects to her maternal protection. We wear sacramentals (Brown Scapular & Miraculous Medal) to remind us of our Consecration all the time.

Contemplation: When we pray the Rosary, we contemplate the Life of Jesus and the life of Mary in union with the Immaculate Heart. We need to enter into deep prayer to allow God to touch our heart. If our heart is touched by God, then, by the grace of God, we can touch the hearts of others.

Charity: "To contemplate and to share the fruits of contemplation" is the motto of St. Dominic. Our Lady reached out to others during her life, we too should reach out to others. Our Lady was close to Jesus on the Cross, and she is close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. But she is also close to Jesus in the poor.








Friday, August 22, 2008

Camp Leprechaun Day 10

Today is the last day of Camp Leprechaun. I gave the young people a summary of all the Catechism Lessons from Day 1 to Day 9. Here is the audio link to my 13 minutes summary lesson......

Summary of Catechism Lessons







Group Pictures........

Serious One:


Funny One:


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camp Leprechaun Day 9

Today, the young people learnt about the 4 Last Things.......






4 Last Things

Death The soul separates f/ the body
Judgement Particular Judgement: right after death (individual; soul only)
General Judgement: at the end of the world (everyone; body & soul)
Heaven Possess God forever
Hell Pain of Lost
Pain of Sense






I also shared with the young people about some of the things which I have learnt about Purgatory by reading the book: An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory.....

P1000667 P1000668



The young people had a fun day here @ St. Pat today......