Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camp Leprechaun Day 3

Today is Day 3 of the Summer Day Camp @ St. Pat. In the Catechism Session, I talked about Adam & Eve and Original Sin. When teaching the Faith, I always like to draw table to help students to remember the main points. I started teaching RCIA (for adults) in 1995, and I started teaching PREP (for children) in 2001. I found teaching children demands much more patience and efforts. Their attention span is not as long as that of adults. I remember reading from a book for priests, that book suggested that when teaching children, let them speak much, and you speak little. I found that is a good principle. I always like to ask many simple questions when teaching a lesson. That is a good way to keep young people's attention and also to keep them focus on the main points.

You can see the table I drew this morning. I compared the states of soul & body in Paradise, with the states after Paradise was lost. I also pointed out that sin and death are the 2 great enemies of men, and Jesus come mainly to save us from sin and death.