Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camp Leprechaun Day 4

Today's topic of my Catechism Session for the young people @ Day Camp is: Grace & Sin.

There are 2 kinds of Grace: Sanctifying Grace & Actual Grace. The soul is the life of the body, and Sanctifying Grace is the life of the soul. Sanctifying Grace makes our soul a beautiful dwelling place for the Holy Trinity. In order to go to heaven, we must have Sanctifying Grace. Actual Grace helps us to do good and avoid evil. The Conversion of St. Paul is an example of Actual Grace.
There are 2 kinds of Sin: Original Sin & Actual (Personal) Sin. We inherited the first and commit the second. Actual sin can either mortal or venial. The 3 conditions for mortal sin are: 1. serious matter, 2. enough knowledge, and 3. commit with free will. Sanctifying Grace & Mortal Sin are " mutually exclusive". If we have committed Mortal Sin, we must seek forgiveness from God through Contrition & Confession in order to get to heaven.

I went through the 10 Commandments with the young people, giving them questions for Examination of Conscience. Today's afternoon was Confession time for the young people. It is one of the most important parts of the whole Day Camp.

In the last 2 days, the young people went to swim. Today was a bit more serious. A long-time parisnioner died on Sunday. She was also the grandmother of one of the campers. So the campers formed a choir and sang at the Funeral Mass.
In the afternoon we had Confession time. After Confession, we had some funs. In Australia we played the game "Shagady Shagady Shag Po Po ", so we, who were @ WYD last month, taught the young people this game, and we had fun.....