Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Leprechaun Day 1

Today, we begin 2 weeks of Summer Day Camp @ St. Pat. This camp is for junior youth (i.e. Grad 6 & 7), with senior youth (i.e. high school) serving as leaders I am giving the youth a Catechism Session each morning. I enjoyed using my 17 volumes Catechetical Scenes Series. This set is the most beautiful set of "pop-up" books in the world. The set was designed by a Salesian priest in Hong Kong. It was published in the 1960's. This kind of books are getting very expensive on eBay. Today, I am using part of Volume one. The themes of mt talk are: 1) We are on the journey to heaven, and Christ is our Light on this journey. 2) God reveals Himself to us through what is outside us (i.e. creation) & what is inside us (i.e. conscience). This is the Natural Revelation of God. Tomorrow, I will talk about Supernatural Revelation of God (i.e. O.T. & N.T.). We are also going to the beach for fun tomorrow. I will post more pictures later this week for the camp. Please pray for the success of this camp.