Monday, August 18, 2008

English Prayer Group

This evening we have Our Lady of Fatima English Prayer Group @ St. Pat. There were around 40 people. I am glad the now we have more St. Pat's parishioners joining the group. I talked about Ch VII & VIII of Part One from Introduction to the Devout Life.

We should purify ourselves not only from sin, but from affection to sin as well. In order to do so, we need strong contrition. We should strive to be sorry for our sin out of love for God. The more we love, the more grace we receive in Confession.

Qualities of True Contrition:

1. Sincere (Interior)

2. Supernatural

3. Supreme

4. Universal

Here is the link to my talk....

Talk on True Contrition

Here is the link to on-line version of the Introduction to the Devout Life....

Introduction (On-Line)