Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Toronto

August 28, the Feast of St. Augustine. I spent the day with my sister Amiee visiting old friends......

Uncle Tam, Aunt Wong, myself, Aunt Tam, my sister


My Confirmation student & my sister's schoolmate


In the evening, I celebrated Mass @ a Chinese parish, and heard Confessions for some of the volunteers of ECCCLC......

P1000728  P1000729 P1000732 P1000735

After Mass & Confession, we went out for food......

P1000736 P1000737 P1000738

P1000740 P1000742 P1000743

P1000744 P1000745

We are looking forward to ECCCLC. The camp will be from Friday evening to Monday afternoon. After the camp, I will post photos & audio of ECCCLC to Blogger. Please keep us in your prayer. Thanks!!!