Saturday, August 9, 2008

With the Salesians

Yesterday, I spent a day with 7 Salesians (5 priests & 2 brothers) to visit Mission, BC. We began the day by concelebrating Mass @ St. Patrick's. We visited Westminster Abbey in Mission, the place where I spent 8 school years studying for the priesthood. We then visited the Poor Clares. The nuns gave us a "big welcome". The whole community actually came to meet us, and talked with us.

When I was in Hong Kong, I attended a Salesians high school. My dad (who was also @ the trip yesterday) was also a Salesians student. One of the priests in yesterday's group (Fr. Wong) taught my dad. And it was through him that I entered the Salesians high school: Hong Kong Tang King Po College. I started to consider about the priesthood because of the influence of the Salesians. It was a joy for me to meet the Salesians and spend a day with them.

In the first picture & second picture you can see us priests wearing different vestments from my personal collection. You might wonder where did I got my vestments. I got most of my vestments from Pax House in Mexico. The 2 Marian vestments (with blue color) are from Luzar Vestments in England. Here are the links: