Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Busy Sunday

Today is another busy Sunday. The Gospel reading today mentioned the 3rd, 6th, 9th, & 11th hour. It reminded me of the practice of praying the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours)  7 times a day.

Praying the Divine Office 7 times a day is a practice that I started as a seminarian on Easter day, 2001. I love praying the Divine Office. I am now using a Chinese Breviary. I also inserted some 2nd & 3rd class relics into my Breviary.

P1020461  P1020462

It is difficult though for me to pray the Office at the exact time. Take today as an example, I started my day by praying 3 Office on a row: Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, & Mid-Morning Prayer. After celebrating the 11 AM Mass, I had lunch, then I prayed Mid-Day Prayer & Mid-Afternoon Prayer around 1 PM. I did 2 Baptisms at 1:30 PM, then I drove to Corpus Christi for 2:30 PM Confession & 3 PM Chinese Mass. After 3 PM Mass, I drove back to St. Patrick's for 5 PM Youth Mass. After dropping in for Life Teen Meeting. I prayed Evening Prayer. And I did Night Prayer with my Chinese Prayer Group members. I also tried to pray Rosary while driving & in the Confessional. But I did have 5 good decades of the Rosary with my Prayer Group members this evening.

I usually have different intentions when I pray the different Office. I pray Office of Readings of people in the world. Morning Prayer for the Church; Evening Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory. Night Prayer for the Dying. I pray the Mid-Morning, Mid-Day, Mid-Afternoon Prayers for the people that I serve. I found that assigning intentions for different Offices is a good method to help me to pray well.

Here is a links of my sermon for today:



2 thoughts I shared with the people at my sermons:

In order to get to Heaven, we need to work hard. St. Catherine of Siena teaches us that Faith & Hope bring us to the door of Heaven, but only Charity bring us into Heaven.

Also, St. Catherine teaches us that when we die, we are rewarded not according to how long we have serve the Lord, but according to how much love we have.

Today, I had the joy to baptize a baby boy, and a baby girl. I am putting lots of pictures here, so that the parents can download them, and can save this page to remember this special day.....

Baptizing Baby Boy.......

P1020440 P1020439 P1020441 P1020442

Baptizing Baby Girl.....

 P1020443 P1020444 P1020445 P1020446

Anointing Baby Boy with Holy Chrism....

 P1020447 P1020448

Receive the Light of Christ.....


P1020450 P1020451

May the Lord touch & open your ears & mouth.....




Pictures with Parents & Babies....



P1020457  P1020458

Group Pictures.......

P1020459 P1020460

At the end of Baptism, I usually give Brown Scapular to the Baby. I say a prayer to entrust the newly baptized to Our Lady.....

"Baby-size" Brown Scapular with "baby-size" Miracleus Medal. 



This evening, I have Hearts of Jesus & Mary (Chinese) Prayer Group. I talked about General Confession, Venial Sin, & Imperfections from Introduction to the Devout Life. Here is the link...