Sunday, September 7, 2008



Last week, I posted the outlines of my 3 main talks @ ECCCLC. However, I noticed if you use Windows Explorer, you cannot see the outline for the part on Confession. Firefox Browser have no problem. In case you are using Window Explorer, here is the outline of talk 1 on Confession:


3 Essential Acts of Penitent in Confession:



  • The more love we have, the more grace & forgiveness we receive in Confession
  • We cannot know for sure that we will never sin again after Confession, but we can know for sure that right now I resolve to do my best to avoid sin



  • St. John Bosco pointed out that many people conceal mortal sins in Confession, esp. sin of lust.
  • Confessing sin is like telling your sickness to doctor. You cannot be cured unless you made known your real problems.
  • Knowingly concealing mortal sin in Confession make the Confession invalid.
  • We shouldn't be afraid to confess sins as they are, because most priests wouldn't be surprise of your sins anyway, and we priests understand that Confession is instituted mainly not for the pious, but for sinners, and "sin" in the gross sense!!!



  • Penance helps us to atone for past sin, and to form our character.
  • After Confession, remind yourself that your forgiveness has been paid by the Blood of Jesus. Please do not despite the Blood of Christ
  • Entrust yourself to Our Lady after Confession. According to St. John Bosco, the 2 things that the devil most afraid of are: Devotion to Our Lady & good resolutions made in Confession


Here is a link to my earlier post on Talk 1: