Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ECCCLC Talk 3 (Word, Example & Prayer)


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The 3rd Talk is on Witnessing by Word, Example & Prayer

  • A simple way to learn the essential of the Faith is read a Q & A Catechism.

  E.g. Baltimore Catechism No. 2 from the "good old days", and Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in recent years.

  • Read good Catholic books or listen to good Catholic CD's each day. In 6 weeks to 2 months, you will found yourself knowing much more
  • To know not just the "WHAT" of the Catholic teachings & practices, but also the "WHY"
  • We cannot love what we don't know. So, we must know God, in order to love Him deeply, and to serve Him well
  • We talking with non-catholics, try to find the common ground. The word "catholic" means "universal". Our Church teaches the whole Truth. So, whatever truths can be found in other religions can serve as common ground
  • Example speaks louder than words. Even us don't remember all the things that our parents told us. But what were important for our parents we still remember well today
  • Religion should be the most important  thing in life. Don't be afraid be bear witness by telling others that you are going to church on Sunday
  • The Church is under attacks now because she is the greatest force in the whole world to uphold the dignity of Life & Family. We must uphold these moral values in order to be effective witnesses
  • Love the people you want to share the Faith with. Conversion of the heart usually come later than conversion of the mind. We might win an argument but lose the soul. In order to help a person to turn to God, we should touch their heart by loving them
  • Faith normally passes on from person-to-person, heart-to-heart
  • In our secular world today, HOLINESS is the greatest argument for our Faith
  • The Saints show us that holiness and keeping the Commandments are possible & joyful. Holiness is for all faithful
  • God sometimes dispense external apostolic works (i.e. preaching & teaching), but He never dispense internal apostolic works (i.e. prayer & sacrifice). Our Lady said in Fatima that many souls went to hell, because nobody pray & make sacrifice for them
  • Not everyone can do external apostolic works, but everyone can do internal apostolic works by prayer & by offering up our daily duties & sufferings
  • The primary cause of conversion is Grace. Our works is only secondary. The more holy we are, the more we become fitting instruments of the grace of God. The more holy we are, the more useful we are for souls


At the end of the talk, I shared with the campers the story of Blessed Anne Mary Taigi (1837), and I blessed the young people with her relic. She is a model for mothers & wives. She had many mystical gifts, but she also had normal household problems to deal with: poor housing, a mother to nurse, a hot-headed husband whom she loved and served as Christ, and the peace to keep among a large family including a difficult daughter-in-law. The life of Blessed Anne Mary reminds us of the universal call to holiness.   

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We had Conference Call in the evening (Aug. 31, Sunday). We tried to connect with the Chinese Catholic Living Camp with Western Canada & Western U.S. Though it didn't work out as planned, I was still able to talk to them a bit, and to give a blessing to the campers @ U.S. over the phone.

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Later that same evening, the working team members shared their experiences of organizing ECCCLC. It was a great joy for me to know and to work with these 6 wonderful young people. I am proud of them!!!!!

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At night time, we have Taize prayer gathering. I put all 3 relics there for the campers to venerate.


During night time, we priests heard Confessions of the campers. This is my favorite part of the camp. St. John Eudes used to say "The preacher beats the bushes but the confessor catches the birds". Confession time is "big harvest time" for all living camps, retreats and missions.

September 1st (Monday) is the final day of the Living Camp. We had a Q & A Session. I answered the questions written down by campers. To listen please click.......



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At the Commissioning Mass I gave a summary of all 3 Main Talks of the Camp......



I told the campers that I have 3 objectives for this camp:

  1. Those who have not been making Good Confession & have been missing Sunday Masses will return to the Sacraments.
  2. Campers will commit themselves to pray at least a decade of the Rosary each day. I recommended praying 15 decades each week by praying 3 decades on Sunday, and 2 decades each day from Monday to Saturday.
  3. To foster a desire for Holiness by honoring the relics of saints, and by listening to their stories & quotations.


Finally, according to our theme: Shine in the glory of God",  I quoted St. Catherine of Siena, "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze."

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After the Camp, the volunteers cleaned up the camp site. And we went out for dinner. Here are some Video Links......





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