Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ECCCLC Talk 1 (Eucharist & Confession)

Last weekend, I participated ECCCLC. There were more than 200 young people @ the camp. It was a wonderful experience.

The theme of the camp is "Shine in the Glory of God". I gave 3 major talks during the camp.

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    In my 1st Talk, I compared the natural life with the spiritual life:

  • the life of body is soul; and the life of soul is grace

  • we haven't done anything to make ourselves worthy to be born; and we also haven't done anything to make ourselves worthy of Baptism (our spiritual birth)

  • but to grow... we need to cooperate (for natural life: eat, drink, clean, learn etc.; for spiritual life: pray, Sacraments, contrition, penance, learn religion etc.)

  • the norm for life (both natural & spiritual) is to GROWTH

  • for natural life to grow: need to make use of natural faculties (sight, hearing, speech etc.); for spiritual life to grow: need to make use of spiritual faculties (i.e. infused virtues: faith, hope, charity, justice, prudent, fortitude & temperance)

  • the 7 gifts that we received @ Confirmation helps us to put virtues into practice, and thus grow into spiritual maturity

  • the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Penance sustain & nurture our spiritual life

3 Aspects of Holy Eucharist:



The Sacrifice of the Cross & the Sacrifice of Mass is the same:

  • Same Priest (Jesus)

  • Same Victim (Jesus)

  • Same Purposes (ACTS)


  • Manner: Bloody vs. non-bloody

  • At the Sacrifice of the Cross, Jesus won for us the Grace of Redemption; at the Sacrifice of the Mass, Jesus applies the Grace to us

ACTS = Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving & Supplications

  • Adoration: Praise (because the goodness of God is manifested in creation) & Worship (because God is God).

  • God deserves to be worshipped with our bodies and by community (so, we go to church physically to worship Him in community)

  • Making efforts to go to church on Sunday is to tell God that He is our #1 Love

  • Refusing to worship God on Sunday is to violate the right of God (He has the perfect right to Him)

  • Contrition: We should receive Communion of Reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world (requests from Sacred Heart & Fatima private revelations)

  • Thanksgiving: We thank God for Creation, Redemption & Sanctification

  • God gives us 7 days a week, and He only asks us for 1 day

  • He gives us 168 hours a week, and He only demands us to spend 1 hour in church

  • Jesus rose on Easter Sunday & the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost Sunday

  • Jesus commanded us "Do this, in memory of me"

  • We thank God all that we have and all that we are right now

  • We look forward to Eternal Life. We will rest & worship God in Heaven. Now we rest & worship on Sunday. So Sunday observance is a foretaste of Heaven.

  • Supplications: We Catholics act as the "link" between God and the world. we should pray for the people in the world @ Mass

  • We should pray for our own spiritual needs. Missing Mass is call the "parent sin", because it leads to many other sins due to spiritual weakness

In order to appreciate the Mass, we need to have the spirit of "Sacrifice"

The quality of our Sunday observance affects the quality of our whole spiritual life during the week. St. John Vianney reformed his whole parish by first ensuring the proper observance of the Lord's Day (Sunday).

The Holy Eucharist is the measurement of all true love. True love demands self-giving & self-sacrifice. False love is self-seeking & selfish. True love centers on God, while false love centers on self.




  • In the State of Grace (no Mortal Sin)

  • Right Intention (receive Communion because it is the best food & the best medicine)

  • Fasting (1 hour before Communion)

  • Respect
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Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love. It should be received with love.

The more Love we put in, the more grace we receive.

Receive Communion as if it is our first, our last, and our only Communion.


Should spend time welcoming Jesus after Communion.

Blessed Imelda is now spending all eternity thanking God for the one Holy Communion that she received.


3 P's


At the moment of Consecration, the bread & wine change into the Body & Blood of Christ. Though the appearances of bread & wine remain.


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The whole Jesus is present in even a small piece of Host.






Jesus not only hides His Divinity, but also His humanity in the Holy Eucharist.

The Divinity of Christ is everywhere, and the humanity of Christ is now in Heaven & in the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus is presence in the church, so that we can adore Him, and that He can be taken as Food for the sick & the elderly.


Power grows in Silence.

Silent prayer helps to foster a sense of God's Presence in our daily lives, and in our neighbours.

We learn the lesson of true Love by looking at the Blessed Sacrament. True love requires self-sacrifice. Jesus gives Himself completely for us on the Cross and in the Holy Eucharist.


The Real Presence is Paradise on earth. It provides good environment for prayer.

We not only come to present our needs to Jesus, we also come to listen to Him, and to contemplate His love for us.



3 Essential Acts of Penitent in Confession:


  • The more love we have, the more grace & forgiveness we receive in Confession

  • We cannot know for sure that we will never sin again after Confession, but we can know for sure that right now I resolve to do my best to avoid sin


  • St. John Bosco pointed out that many people conceal mortal sins in Confession, esp. sin of lust.

  • Confessing sin is like telling your sickness to doctor. You cannot be cured unless you made known your real problems.

  • Knowingly concealing mortal sin in Confession make the Confession invalid.

  • We shouldn't be afraid to confess sins as they are, because most priests wouldn't be surprise of your sins anyway, and we priests understand that Confession is instituted mainly not for the pious, but for sinners, and "sin" in the gross sense!!!


  • Penance helps us to atone for past sin, and to form our character.

  • After Confession, remind yourself that your forgiveness has been paid by the Blood of Jesus. Please do not despite the Blood of Christ

  • Entrust yourself to Our Lady after Confession. According to St. John Bosco, the 2 things that the devil most afraid of are: Devotion to Our Lady & good resolutions made in Confession

At the end of the 1st Talk, I shared with the camper the story of Saint Mary Goretti. She was martyred for purity in July, 1902 (5 weeks after her 1st Communion). She won for the grace of true Contrition & good Confession for her murderer, Alessandro Serenelli, by her forgiveness, love, prayer, & sacrifice. I blessed the young people with a 1st class relic of the saint.

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After the 1st Talk, we had the Opening Mass. I preached on Devotion to Our Lady. The 3 C's: Consecration, Contemplation, & Charity. I preached a similar sermon a week before on August 23rd to the MC co-workers. You can see the summary from my earlier post on August 23rd.....


Here is the audio link of my sermon @ the Opening Mass of ECCCLC......


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We have Eucharistic Adoration in the evening. I gave a little explanation about Adoration. I talked about the 3 P's (Presence, Power & Prayer) Here is the MP3 link....


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