Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lessons for Today

Today, when I did the classroom visitations for St. Pats Elementary School, I gave a "children version" of my last Sunday Sermon.

The Cross of Christ teaches us:

1. How much God loves us

2. How horrible sin is

3. How to behave in sufferings

LOVE, SIN, & EXAMPLE are the lessons we learn from the Cross of Christ.

1. Love.....


  • Here on earth, love & sacrifice (self-giving) cannot be separated.
  • On the Cross, Jesus gave Himself completely up for love of us.
  • Jesus also gives Himself completely to us in Holy communion.
  • Mass is the School of Love. If we have the spirit of self-giving, then we will feel more at home at Mass

2. Sin.....

  • We only see and experience the full reality of sin after we die (either in Hell or in Purgatory)



  • But here on earth, we can contemplate the consequences of sin by looking at the Crucifix.


  • Jesus took on all the consequences of sin on His Body.
  • The Blood & Wounds of the Body of Christ should move us to Contrition & Thankfulness.

3. Example.....


  • Jesus shed His Blood to win for us the Grace to get to Heaven. Our Lady shed her Tears to help applying Grace to us.
  • We too should offer up our sufferings to help applying the Grace of God to souls.
  • When we are wronged or are suffering, let us be patience, forgiving, & loving.

This evening, I desire to take some rest after working so much. I spent  few hours in rest & prayer. I sat in at the final session of tonight RCIA & gave the following summary for their lesson on: Who is Jesus Christ?..........




The Son of God became Man


To Save Us (the name "Jesus" means "God saves")


By the power of the Holy Spirit, 
born of the Virgin Mary


Jesus (1 Person, 
2 Natures: God & Man)


Annunciation Day (Feast: March 25) & Christmas Day (Feast: December 25)

* The Son of God was always God, but He was not always Man. He became Man in time


Nazareth & Bethlehem


Some Essential Teachings of Christ 

Believe Behave Pray
Trinity Love Sacraments
Jesus is God Cross Our Father
Church Beatitudes Qualities of Good Prayer (Humility, Trust, Mercy, & Perseverance)

Jesus's Messages were accompanied by signs (miracles). When we shared the message of Christ, the message should be accompanied by signs a well (i.e. our good deeds).