Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Ones of God

Today, I had the joy of being paged by the mom, whose 3 babies I baptized last year @ the hospital.

I remember it was one of the most emotional experiences I had as a priest. Just the day before I met the mom, I was called to the same hospital for another mom, to baptize her twins who were dying. I baptized & confirmed the 1st one soon after his birth. But  2nd one suffocated during birth, and I needed to instruct the grandmother over the phone to conditionally baptize him.

The next morning, I was called again to the same hospital & to the same room. And this time I was told that the mom was having triplets!!!

I baptized & confirmed the eldest brother, who died on the same day. 9 days later, I baptized the other 2 brother & sister.

There were many people in the Archdiocese praying for the 2 babies. When I told our Archbishop, Raymond Roussin, about the babies, he also promised me to pray for them.

Now we thank God that the babies are much bigger and are in good health.

The mom sent me pictures of the 2 babies today. She gave me permission to post them on-line. You can see the pictures soon after their birth, and their recent pictures.

Baby Boy.....

babies 512

babies 427

Baby Girl....

baby girl

babies 481

I have a practice to record the names & dates of the people that I  baptized on a book. And I keep praying for these people everyday.



Up to this date, I have done 217 Baptisms (5 of them were conditional). But of the people I baptized, there are some of them I do not pray for them, but I ask them to pray for me. There were 8 babies whom I baptized in the hospital, and they died soon after Baptism (including the eldest brother of the 2 babies @ pictures). They are my little saints in Heaven. I am sure they will remember me in their prayers & hymns in Heaven.