Monday, September 29, 2008

Marriage Preparation Sessions

Below are the audio recordings of the 4 Sessions I normally give to couple getting ready for marriage. This time I only have them in Chinese. Next year, I will post the English recordings.

Here is a brief summary of my 4 talks:

Session 1

Conditions for a valid contract:

1. Persons capable of making a contract

2. Mutual consent

3. A matter subject to contractual obligations

4. Observance of the prescribed formalities

Effects of the matrimonial contract:

1. Matrimonial bond

2. Reception of the right and the duty to beget, rear, educate, and train children

3. The man is constituted head of the family, and the wife, his helper and companion

Session 2 

Purpose of matrimony:

1. Procreation and proper rearing of children

2.Mutual assistance of spouses

Principles regarding other purposes of marriage:

1. The higher the motives, the better

2. They should in no way oppose or prevent the attainment of the 2 essential purposes mentioned

Qualities of Marriage:

1. Unity: one man, one woman

2. Indissolubility: no power on earth can dissolve a ratified, consummated sacramental marriage


Session 3

Vices against Marriage:

Contrary to the blessing of offspring:

1. Contraception

2. Sterilization

3. Abortion

Contrary to the blessing of conjugal fidelity:

1. Adultery

2. Unchristian emancipation of women

3. "Incompatibility"

Contraception against the 2 essential purposes of marriage.

Reasons Against Contraception

  Purpose of Children Purpose of Mutual Assistance
Spiritual Violates the Divine Right of God as Master of Matrimony Makes act of the renewal of marriage vow a lie
Natural Separates sex from its purposes (love & life) and makes pleasure its ultimate goal. Disorder is bound to happen if we mess up with nature by putting the means as the end. Causes lack of communication between couple and encourages man to use woman as object


Session 4

Life after wedding (wedding is one day & marriage is for life):

1. Love

2. Self-Sacrifice

3. Supernatural aids

4. Chastity

Overview of the wedding ceremony

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