Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayer Groups Meetings

Yesterday & today, I had meeting with all my 3 private prayer groups. Last night was with Hearts of Jesus & Mary (Chinese) Prayer Group. This morning with Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (Chinese) Prayer Group. This evening with Our Lady of Fatima (English) Prayer Group. Here are links to the Bible Study.....



Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Group had a summer break, because many members are young parents with small children. We resumed our meeting this morning.


Group picture of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Group.....


Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Group meets @ private home. There are 4 first class relics & 5 second class relics.....



I gave a Bible study on John Chapter 7:1 -8:12. Jesus & the Feast of Tabernacles. We study the different groups of people with their different expectations of the Christ & their opinions of who Jesus was.

We also study the Woman caught in adultery, and the response of Jesus. According to a good Catholic commentary by Dr. Scott Hahn: The genius of Jesus' response is that it turns the tables on the Pharisees and forces them into their own trap. Although the Pharisees probably considered themselves sinless, and thus qualified to administer the stoning, they realize that executing the adulteress will bring Rome's reprisal on them instead of Jesus, who is not truly authorizing the stoning because he does not truly think the Pharisees are without sin (9:40-41). On the other hand, by restraining themselves and walking away, the Pharisees are made to look like sinners and compromisers in the eyes of the crowd. (Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, The Gospel of John).

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