Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

Today is Sept. 11. This morning I used the Mass text for "Peace & Justice". Later on, when I celebrated Mass at nursing home, I used the Mass text in honour of Our Lady "Queen of Peace". Peace is not a virtue, but fruit of virtue. Peace is the fruit of charity. To achieve peace, we need true love.

Today is also the Feast of St. John-Gabriel Perboyre (1840), the 1st Chinese Martyr to be canonized. John Paul II canonized him in 1996. This evening, we started the High School Catechism Program. I placed the relics of 2 Martyrs before the students. One is St. Maria Goretti, Martyr of Purity, the other is St. John-Gabriel Perboyre, Martyr for the Faith.



The relic I have of St. John-Gabriel Perboye is a piece of cloth from the criminal grown that he was  wearing when he was executed. He was buried with that grown as well.

The theme of the Catechism class is "Happiness". We all have the desire for happiness. But true happiness consists in fulfilling the purpose of our life. We are created for God, and we can only find true happiness in God.

True happiness is possible here on earth. The more we love God, the happier we are. The Saints are the happiest people on earth, because they love so much.

True happiness does not consist in wealth, pleasure, power, or fame. These things are means, not goals for life. Our goal is to love. We can use things to serve God, but we shouldn't let things stand between God & us.

The next class is on Creation.....