Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogs from the U.K.

Recently, I came across 2 blogs from the U.K. maintained by 2 Catholic lay women.

The 1st blog is Mulier Fortis. It is maintained by a teacher who dedicated her life to God through private vows 6 years ago.

The 2nd blog is Catholic Mom of 10. It is maintained by Jackie Parkes, a stay home mom.

Both bloggers have published a post about my blog earlier this week. Click here & here.



There is invitation from both blogs to sign the petition for the U.N. set up by The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute for the protection of life & family. Please sign the petition here.


It's a blessing that blogging allow us to share the Gospel with people in places that we cannot go, and at a time even when we are sleeping.

It is also a great blessing to be connected with devout Catholics from all over the world through blogging.


Recently, I found out more & more good Catholic blogs from the U.K. Maybe one day I should organize a trip to England with my beloved prayer groups members to visit all these devout bloggers & their communities. May God bless them and their wonderful works.