Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Busy but Prayerful Day

It was a busy day....

We had Living Rosary before morning Mass...


P1020896 P1020897

1st Joyful Mystery...


2nd Joyful Mystery...


3rd Joyful Mystery...


4th Joyful Mystery...


5th Joyful Mystery...








This afternoon, I gave a talk for the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of El Shaddai Prayer Group @ St. Pats.

P1020941 P1020942

You see the poster!!! They got a picture of mine from this blog. But I think it looks too "baby face"!!! It was a picture taken couple hours before my Ordination in 2006, when we were in the restaurant.

Anyhow, as you can see from the poster, the topic was "Stand firm in the Lord" 1 Cor. 15:58.

I talked about standing firm in the Lord in Faith, Hope, &  Charity....


Cause: Grace of God moved the will, and the will moved the intellect to give firm assent to revealed truths.

Faith is preserved:

1. by fidelity to grace

2. by subjecting the passions to discipline

3. by profound study of the Christian truths

4. by shunning bad company

5. by refraining from reading what is impious or suspicious


We hope from Heaven & the means to Heaven (Grace)

To obtain grace, we need to pray. To pray is to exercise hope.

God never allow us to be tempted beyond our strength. What is lacking in our natural strength, God will supply through grace. But we need to open to grace by prayer & cooperation.

The greater our suffering, the greater hope we need to help us through. The greatest of all hopes is the hope to Heaven.

4 Conditions for our prayers to be infallibleaccording to St. Thomas Aquinas:

1. We pray for ourselves

2. We pray things needed for our Salvation

3. We pray piously

4. We pray persistently


We love God and love others for God's sake.

Love is not liking. Like is emotion, but love is an act of will.

We should keep praying & going to church even though we don't feel like to. Because we need to stay connect with God. We need to love God with our will.

We should will for the best well-being of others. Even for the people we found difficult to like.

True love demands self-sacrifice. The concrete expression of love is the keeping of the Commandments wilfully. 


When we look at the Crucifix prayerfully, we can be strengthened in Faith, Hope, & Charity.

The Mystery of the Redemption is the core of the Catholic Faith.

The Crucified Lord won for us the grace to Salvation & opened Heaven for us. He is our Hope.

The Crucified Lord gave Himself up completely  for love of us. He gave us the supreme example of Charity.





Before my talk, the power went out. It was a bit hard to give a talk in the gym without the microphone.

After the talk, I bless each individual with the relic of Saint Gemma.


This evening, we had "Source" Eucharistic Adoration for young people @ St. Andrew's. It was good to adore Jesus with the young. After the Holy Hour, my pastor & I helped to hear Confessions of the young people. This evening activities @ St. Andrew's reminded me of ECCCLC during labour day long weekend in Eastern Canada.