Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day of Recollection

These couple days, I try to rest, pray & relax in order to recharge myself from overworking during the past 2 weeks.

Today, in the morning, we had Day of Recollection for Clergy. We went to St. Francis de Sales Parish in Burnaby. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed @ around 10:30 AM. Fr. Bernardo Estrada, an Opus Dei priest from Rome gave us 2 talks. In between the 2 talks, there was half an hour of quite prayer time. 2 priests were available for Confession. After the 2nd talk, we prayed Mid-Day Prayer together followed by Benediction. After all these we had lunch.


The talks of Fr. Estrada were reflections on the Royal Priesthood base on Writings of St. Paul. Here are some notes & personal reflections I had from the Day of Recollection:

We, priests, participate the Royal Priesthood of Christ through Baptism & Ordination.


  • Baptism is the 1st of priestly vocation
  • it is a total free gift from God
  • to be washed... to be justified... to be sanctified
  • it is death & burial with Christ
  • but it is also the beginning of new life
  • we are incorporated into Christ's Life & His Body
  • it is the promise of Eternal Life
  • we are planted with Christ... to grow with Him... to participate His Life
  • we need to get rid of: 1. old self, 2. body of dead, 3. slavery to sin
  • we are another "Christ"
  • we must be thankful to God, and our Heavenly Mother


  • priests should not conform to this world & should present our bodies as living sacrifice
  • we are given grace to give the most precious gifts to the people
  • we must not be conformists. We need the help of God
  • the marvels we experience in our ministry are not our own doing, but are the results of grace
  • we are channels & instruments of grace
  • we are earthen vessels with precious gifts
  • we must remain close to God
  • we are always depending on God in our ministries
  • we must not over-consider ourselves
  • we have received much, and must communicate to others
  • Sacrament: I give something what I myself cannot give

Myself & Fr. Bernardo Estrada