Monday, October 6, 2008

Prayer Groups Bible Study

Last night & tonight I gave Bible Study to 2 of my private prayer groups. We study St. John 8:12- 9:41.

These are the 2 Bible Commentaries that I consulted....


In Chapter 8, we see the people couldn't accept Jesus because:

1. They were not willing to go beyond their too human ways of thinking.

2. They did not want to acknowledge that they need to be saved from their sin.

The narrative of St. John 9:1- 10:21 can be divided into 8 scenes, each scene has 2 sets of active characters.

You can listen to my talk on-line. I think the English one is a bit better, because I was a bit tired when I gave the Chinese Bible Study. You can listen & download both the Chinese & English talks from my Prayer Groups web-site...