Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quotes from Web that Helped me Pray


Because my pastor was away. I needed to say all the Masses here @ St. Pats this weekend, plus the Chinese Mass @ Corpus Christi. Today, because of pastoral necessary, I celebrated 4 Masses. I found 2 quotations from the web very helpful to encourage me to pray well during these Mass & the Divine Office.

The 1st quote is from the web site of Saint Joseph de Clairval Abbey. At the page on the liturgy, a passage from their Constitutions is quoted:

"The monks will count the dignified and solemn celebration of the Divine Office among the principal means of their apostolic activity."

The 2nd quote is from the blog of Fr. Z. His post yesterday has the following inspiring words:

"Celebrate Holy Mass well, the world is positively affected.
Celebrate Holy Mass poorly, the whole world is harmed."

I recalled these 2 quotations from time to time today while I was "liturgically" busy. And I found them very helpful to encourage me to pray well during the celebration of the Liturgy.


Today I preached about:

1. We have to render to God what is God's. Since we are created in the image of God, we belongs to Him. We should make a Morning Offering each day to help us to remember this.

2. Two perfect societies: Church & State. The Church normally would not involve in politic. But the Church needs to be involved when there are issues of morality or religious freedom.

3. Negative percepts (thou shalt not) are always binding. But there can be exceptions in regard to positive percepts (thou shalt). Ordinarily, we should obey the laws of the State. But if there is a law against the Law of God, then we should not uphold & obey the unjust law.

You can listen to my Sermons @ the 2 posts below. Or you can download them from my web page.