Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Very Busy Saturday

Today is a very busy day for me. My pastor is away @ Williams Lake in Kamploops Diocese to cover for my 8 years classmate, Fr. Andrew L'Heureux. Fr. Andrew came to our church in Vancouver to officiate the wedding of his sister, Theresa, today. I have to look after all the weekend Masses here @ St. Patrick's Parish.


This morning, after the 9 AM Mass, Confession, & a brief talk to the Legion of Mary, I taught the Chinese RCIA. We went through the pop-up book on the teachings of Jesus. We also reviewed a bit on the Mystery of the Incarnation...


I taught them the Mystery of Redemption.

Here is my standard table of What? Why? How? Who? When? Where? in Chinese...

P1030178  English Translation...


What ? Christ dies for our sins
Why ? To save us 
The Cross teaches us: 
1. God loves us 
2. the horrors of sin 
3. The example to follow
How ? Suffered, Died, Rose on the 3rd Day
Who ? Jesus (God & Man)
When ? Good Friday (conquered sin), Easter Sunday (conquered death)
Where ? Calvary, the Garden


Here is a link to our last class.


After the class & some private prayer time, I went to the Hospital to anoint a girl that is very sick. I ask the readers of this blog to pray for the little girl & her family. I also visited the little baby boy I baptized last Saturday. He is still in serious condition, but has improved a bit. Please continue to pray for him. I was very glad to see the twins I baptized at the end of August. They are now much bigger!!!

I came back just on time to concelebrate @ the wedding. It's so good to see my vestments being used...




Congratulations Paul & Theresa!!!

This wedding reminded me that I did my sister's wedding 2 years ago, 3 days after my Ordination. I was ordained on Tuesday (May 30) @ St. Anthony's church, & I did my sister's wedding on Friday (June 2) @ the same church...