Sunday, November 16, 2008

33rd Sunday

Today is the 33rd Sunday of the Year. The last Sunday this year to wear green vestments. 2 times I was distracted at the solemn moment of Consecration. The 1st distraction was @ the 9 AM Mass @ St. Pats. During the Epiklesis, there were loud noises at the back pews of the church. I just stopped & waited things to settle down. After the people had quieted down, I proceed with the Consecration. After Mass I was told that a gentleman had a seizure during Mass. The 2nd distraction was @ the 3 PM Chinese Mass @ CC. A baby boy whom I baptized this year recognized me. He cried out “Father”, and walked up to the sanctuary at the moment of Consecration. He was taken away by an adult right before the Consecration of the wine. During the Consecration of the wine, I really had to control myself in order not to laugh!!!! After the Chinese Mass, I celebrated the 5 PM Mass @ St. Pats. During the Consecration, I felt thankful that everything was normal, & there was no big distraction.


Accidents do happen. I remember the book, Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, gives us the following directive:

“When something goes wrong during the liturgy, a sense of calm and common sense should prevail.”

 I like this red book, Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite. I learnt my rubrics from this book. And when accidents did happen, I remembered the above quotation.

There is a parishioner of St. Pats who read this blog. She learnt from this blog that I often visit babies in the hospital. So, this kind lady gave me something to give to the babies….


Today I preached on getting ready @ all times. I made 3 main points @ my sermon:

  • When we think about death, it helps us to be more detach from earthly things & be more attached to God
  • We should make good use of our time. 3 methods to make good use of time:

1. Have some definite tasks that you can turn to when you have time

2. Choose tasks that are most beneficial & suitable for your own vocation

3. Make use of the small amount of time available. (e.g. 15 minutes here, 10 minutes there)

  • Laziness is the result of lack of love. The word “diligence” has its root from a Latin word “diligere”, which means “love”.

You can download my English sermon here & my Chinese sermon here. You can also listen to them @ the last 2 posts below.