Monday, November 10, 2008

Bible Study on St. John Ch. 10 & 11

This morning I led Bible Study for my smallest private prayer group: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Group. We met at a private home. This morning we had 13 people. 6 of them are new Catholics whom I baptized @ Corpus Christi this year. It is very wonderful to get together and strengthen the faith of one another.

I gave Bible Study on St. John Ch. 10 & 11. Jesus is the Good Shepherd & Jesus is the Resurrection.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd:

Church is the sheepfold

The Faithful is the sheep

Jesus is the door to the sheepfold as well

The thieves are enemies from outside the Church

The hirelings are enemies from within the Church

The voice of the Good Shepherd is the voice of the Teaching Authority of the Church

The pasture is Doctrine & Sacraments

Jesus the Good Shepherd sacrificed Himself for His sheep. He knows & cares about each sheep

One Fold &  One Shepherd: the Catholic Church is One is teaching, governance, & worship.

Jesus is the Resurrection & the Life:

Jesus manifested both His Divinity & humanity @ John 11

Confession is spiritual resurrection 

You can download my English Bible Study here, and you can download my Chinese one here.

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