Monday, November 24, 2008

Catholic Challenge of the Day

I had a happy morning. I led prayer meeting for my smallest (& nosiest) private prayer group. A number of members (& children) are new Catholics whom I baptized this past 2 years. It’s wonderful to be able to do follow up after Baptism. After the meeting, we had lunch together.



During the meeting, an idea dawned in my mind. I just started the “Saintly Quote of the Day” at my blog. Why not also start the “Catholic Challenge of the Day”? I have strong passions for Teaching Catechism, and for the Lives of the Saints. Hence, from today on, I will post a question each day to challenge your Catholic knowledge. You may use the comment section to try to answer the question (though I know that most of my readers are very shy in leaving comments). The next day, I will post the answer for the question & will post another new question. I hope it will help to refresh your Catholic knowledge. Since it is the month of All Souls and Advent is also near, I will begin with the Last Things. My 1st question for you is an easy one:

Q: What is meant by “the resurrection of the body?”