Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Classrooms Visitation

This morning I visited the classrooms @ St. Pat’s Elementary. I gave the students a “children version” of my Sunday Sermon.

Kingdom of God:

1. Heart



  • Heart that has the love & grace of God is like a beautiful garden for God the Holy Trinity
  • We should touch the hearts of others with LOVE

2. Church


  • Jesus preached & performed signs
  • The Church also preaches & gives signs
  • The best members of the Church, the saints, speak the truth & live the truth
  • We should let people hear us speak about Jesus, and we should also let people see the love of Jesus in our lives
  • Proclaim the Gospel not just by words, but by deeds
  • Be signs for others to see

3. Heaven


  • The greater our suffering, the greater hope we need to help us through
  • The Martyrs suffered a great deal, but they suffered with great peace, because they had the great hope of Heaven
  • Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro is a Martyr. When he died, he extended his arms & cried out “Long live Christ the King!”