Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clergy Study Week (Final Talk of Fr. Bonneau)

I wasn’t there for the Study Week yesterday, so I asked my good friend, the youngest priest in the Archdiocese: Fr. Justin Huang, to give me the main points from yesterday talks. (Here is a photo of Fr. Justin)…


Yesterday talks were on St. Mark’s Gospel:

  • Difference between St. Mark & St. Paul: the former is more cryptic (subtle & hidden) about Jesus’ identity as God, while the latter has a more direct interaction with the audience of the letter & more open about who Jesus is.
  • The clothing of St. John the Baptist is connected to the clothing of Elijah.

This morning, Fr. Normand Bonneau gave a final talk on the Lectionary:

  • the 3-years cycle Sunday Lectionary covered 13.7% of the whole Bible (5 % of the O.T., 41% of the N.T., & 60% of the Gospels)
  • Many Protestants used an adopted form of the Catholic Lectionary. This helps them to appreciate Catholic Traditions like the Liturgical Seasons.
  • 3 importance elements that determined the choice of the Readings:
  1. the Paschal Mystery
  2. the Liturgical Seasons
  3. the Traditions of the Church