Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feast of Christ the King

Here is an outline of my sermon for today:

“Kingdom of God”

1. in our hearts

2. the Church

3. Heaven

1. In Our Hearts:

  • By grace (purchased for us with the Price of the Blood of Christ)
  • Our whole being should be dedicated to God. (mind---assents to truth; will---determines to do good; heart---love God above all; members of the body----works for the sanctification of the soul)

2. The Church:

  • Sign (the Church is Sign/Sacrament of God): We should back up our message by signs of love. Souls are conquered not by force, but by love
  • Service (to reign is to serve): There is more joy in giving than receiving. We should serve God in others. Man is created for God, he can only found himself by the  sincere gift of self.

3. Heaven:

  • Hope: Christ will make things right at The End.
  • Intention: Since Christ will judge & reward us, we should do things with the intention to please God, not men.

You can listen to my sermons @ the last 2 posts below. You can download the English one here, and the Chinese one here. My other sermons are available here.