Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prayer Groups Trip


Today we had a trip for my 3 private prayer groups. There were 38 of us (including our volunteer driver, 2 children, & myself). We went to Surrey. Our 1st stop was St. Bernadette’s church….




P1030405 P1030406


The pastor, Fr. Patrick Chisholm, explained the parish community to us. The church was dedicated in 1994. Right now there are about 1600 families in the parish. 40% Caucasian, 30% Vietnamese & Asian, & 30% East Indian. We prayed 7 Hail Mary’s together to honor the 7 Sorrows of Our Lady & prayed for the sick. Fr. Patrick gave us a blessing.

Our 2nd stop is Gardens of Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum. We had an outdoor Mass at the Chinese section of the cemetery. The Mass was mainly in English. But I did the Opening Prayer, Offertory Prayer, the Preface, & the Post Communion Prayer in Chinese. The sermon was in both English & Chinese. I outlined the doctrine on Purgatory base on the book, Exposition of Christian Doctrine. Here is the outline….


Existence proved
  • By Scripture (2 Mach. xii. 46; Matt. xii. 32; Matt. v. 26; 1 Cor. iii. 15)
  • By the teaching of the Church
  • By the tradition of the Fathers
  • By reason
  • Pain of loss
  • Pain of sense
  • Consolation of hope
  • Their knowledge of God’s holiness and justice causes them to suffer with love the torments that help to purify them
Motives for helping the souls in purgatory
  • A duty of religion (because we become most pleasing to God, and we procure His glory, when we satisfy His justice for these souls who are infinitely dear to Him)
  • A duty of justice or gratitude (justice: because there are souls that are suffering on account of evil that we have caused them to commit; gratitude: because there are also souls to whom we are indebted for the good that they have done us)
  • A duty of charity (because the souls in purgatory have a greater right to our compassion, on account of their suffering more and being more agreeable to God, than souls on earth)
  • A duty of personal interest (because God will repay us the good that we have done these souls, and these souls themselves, in their gratitude, will pray to God for us)
Means of helping them
  • Prayer, fasting, and alms-deeds
  • Indulgences
  • Communion, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass








After Mass, we walked around the cemetery & the mausoleum…




P1030433 P1030434

P1030435 P1030437



P1030438 P1030439

P1030440 P1030441

We then went to a mall to have lunch @ food court. After lunch, we found that we locked ourselves out from the bus. Our solution was to have my little goddaughter got into the bus through a window, and she opened the door for us….

P1030443 P1030444

Our last stop was Good Shepherd Church. I felt quite at home at Good Shepherd, because I was there as a seminarian for 4 months. And I was there for 2 1/2 months before & after my priestly ordination in 2006. The pastor, Fr. Stanley Galvon, explained the art works of the church for us. He also gave us a blessing. This church was also dedicated in 1994…




P1030450 P1030453


We took turn to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy @ the Adoration Chapel. 1st the Chinese group, then the English group…




We took group photos outdoor. It was very foggy….




Both on our way to Surrey & on our way back, we prayed the Rosary in both Chinese & English. Thank God for this prayerful trip on this Remembrance Day.