Friday, December 5, 2008

Catholic Challenge of the Day

Q: Why did God make us?

問: 天主為何創造我們?


Q: Who is God?


  • God is the great Spirit Who has always existed and has made all things. (Pocket Catechism)
  • God is the Supreme Being, infinitely perfect, Who made all things and keeps them in existence. (Baltimore Catechism)
  • God is the supreme Spirit, Who alone exists of Himself, and is infinite in all perfections. (The Penny Catechism)

問: 天主是誰?

答: 造天地、造神人、造萬物的真主宰o

A Story:

An atheist once asked a little girl to say some special words every night before going to sleep. He wrote them down so she would not forget: God is nowhere. The child studies the writing and spelled out the letters: “G-o-d God, I-s is, N-o-w now, H-e-r-e here. That’s easy! I’ll start my prayers by saying, “God is now here.’”

When the unbeliever objected to her interpretation of his words, the child replied: “But how can I say it your way when I know God is here.”