Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catholic Challenge of the Week (Dec. 21 to 27)


Q: What does God still do, that the world which He has created may not return into its original nothing?

A: He preserves and governs it.

問: 天主在作什麽去使祂所創造的世界不致於歸於虛無?

答: 祂保存及冶理它。

This Week:


Q1: But if God orders and directs all things in the world, why, then, is there so much evil done? Does He will it? (為何世上有凶惡?)


Q2: And if God takes care of all things, why are we subject to so many sufferings? (為何世上有痛苦?)


Q3: But why does God often permit the wicked to prosper, whilst evil befalls the good? (為何惡人享樂,善人受苦?)


Q4: How ought we to receive the sufferings that come upon us? (如何面對痛苦?)


Please use comments feature to answer questions anytime during this week. Standard answers will be posted by me next Sunday on December 28th, 2008. Final answers will be posted by Jesus at the Last Judgment.

Have fun answering the questions!!!