Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For the 3 Children in my Catechism Class


I just taught the 3 children who are preparing for Baptism the lessons on the Incarnation & Redemption. And I asked them to read these 2 tables during the week to review what they had learnt today.



The Son of God became Man
Why? To Save Us (the name "Jesus" means "God saves")
How? By the power of the Holy Spirit, 
born of the Virgin Mary
Who? Jesus (1 Person, 
2 Natures: God & Man)
When? Annunciation Day (Feast: March 25) & Christmas Day (Feast: December 25)
Where? Nazareth & Bethlehem


What ? Christ dies for our sins
Why ? To save us
The Cross teaches us:
1. God loves us
2. the horrors of sin
3. The example to follow
How ? Suffered, Died, Rose on the 3rd Day
Who ? Jesus (God & Man)
When ? Good Friday (conquered sin), Easter Sunday (conquered death)
Where ? Calvary, the Garden