Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Diary 2008年12月11日

I remember reading again and again that a priest should not just wait for the people coming to him, but he should reach out to the people. Inspired by that idea, this morning I had plans of reaching out to people to give them the Sacraments.

This morning, I arrived the nursing home early in order to visit some residents who do not come down for the Thursday Mass. While I was visiting, I got a call from the Burnaby General Hospital, asking me to visit a Chinese lady. After the nursing home Mass, I went to the hospital. The lady was very very sick, and I gave her the Last Sacraments. After that, I went to Corpus Christi to visit the students at the Elementary School. I gave them the same talk I gave on Tuesday at St. Patrick’s Elementary. A reader of this blog had requested me to record my talks on St. John Bosco. So I recorded my talk this afternoon, and here is the link:

1st Talk on St. John Bosco

After Corpus Christi, I went to visit a retired priest. I had promised him to give him the Anointing of the Sick during Advent. So I anointed him his afternoon. After the Anointing, we had a good chat.

This evening, we had Confessions at St. Patrick’s. There were 7 of us priests hearing Confessions. It is wonderful to hear Confessions and to anoint the sick & the elderly during Advent Season.