Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Diary 2008年12月14日

Today is Gaudete Sunday. I wore rose (pink?) vestments for the 3 Masses I celebrated today.


For my 3 PM Chinese Mass at Corpus Christi, I wore my Rose Roman Vestments for the 1st time.

P1030737 P1030738


I preached on St. John the Baptist today. There are 3 tendencies which are obstacles for us to experience the joy of the Presence of God:

1. Our craving for power, position, materials things, & pleasures.

2. Our being not content with our true role.

3. Our lack of harmony within us.

St John the Baptist didn’t crave for power. He was faithful to his true role. There are harmonies within him.

  • True happiness does not consist in power, position, pleasure, or riches. It consists in union with God through love.
  • People who crave for power play politics, but true Christians should be sincere. Sincerity is the opposite of playing politics.
  • When people seek purposely for happiness, they find none. But when people doing the right things, happiness flows naturally.
  • Peace & joy are fruits of charity, our loving union with God.

You can listen to both my Chinese & English Sermons below or download from my sermon page. 

Today I had the joy of hearing Confessions for many people. I really love being in the Confessional. I am praying for all my penitents.

This evening I went to Christmas party with the El Shaddai Prayer Group.




I was singing again!!!!