Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Diary (2008年12月20日)

Yesterday, I had to pray for 2 babies who died without Baptism. This morning, someone left a message telling us that a baby was dead. A mother had delivered twins last night, but one of them was dead. I had been to the hospital 3 times for 3 non-baptized deceased babies in 24 hours!!!

One of my greatest comforts was to celebrate Mass with the Missionaries of Charity this morning. I experienced great devotion saying Mass for the sisters. I also asked them to pray for the different people who are suffering right now. After Mass, the good sisters prepared a simple breakfast for me. In this cold weather, the convent seemed to be very warm. But my heart also felt that in the coldness of human sufferings, the love of Mother Teresa and her sisters gives warmth, hope & devotion to my priestly heart.

After the warm breakfast, I went to the Chinese national parish, St. Francis Xavier's, helping out with Confessions. After hearing Confessions, I went to the Hospital to visit the family. I blessed the new born baby, and prayed before the body of the deceased baby. We also made arrangements for the Baptism of the newborn and for the Funeral of the one who died.

I then visited the 19 years old boy. Whenever I visited him, he tried to hold my hand and to shake hands with me. He also tried to say simple words like “Thank you” or “Good Bye”. I pray that if it is the Will of God, he will recovery. Yesterday, seeing him doing a bit better, I encouraged him saying: “You are now in the care of Jesus. If Jesus let you recovery, be sure to use your life to do good.” The boy nodded his head lovingly. I was touched by his simple gestures of friendliness.

This afternoon, I moved most of my books from St. Patrick’s to my home (the place where my dad is). Few months ago I moved all my books from Corpus Christi to St. Pat’s. But after some thoughts, I judged it more prudent to keep the books at home instead. 3 good gentlemen came to help me. We used the new van of the parish. And after 2 hours, most of my belongings were at home!!!




This evening the power was out at St. Pat’s. It was darkness all over the place. I am now typing my diary in the rectory with no wireless connection. This is now 8:15 PM. But when this post is published you will see a later time than the actual time. BTW, do you know that the “Saintly Quote of the Day” is also pre-typed. I usually type it the day before and press the key to publish it the next morning (so that you get “Saintly Quote of the Day” in the morning & “My Diary” in the evening)…. 9PM: Power On again!!!!