Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Journal (2008年12月25日)

It’s Christmas!!! Like many of my brother priests, I had a busy Christmas. Yesterday, I celebrated Mass at the nursing home, and some parishioners of St. Pat’s sang Christmas songs for the seniors.


My Christmas Sermon

Last night and today, I celebrated 5 Christmas Masses. I shared with the faithful 3 thoughts during my sermons:

1. Jesus came to save us from sins. The snow, darkness, & coldness remind us of sin. The church,  of warmth, light, & decorations remind us of the love of God.  The WHY of the Incarnation is: God saves us from our sin & death. “JESUS” means “God saves”.

2. God saves us out of compassion for us. We haven’t done anything to make ourselves deserving Salvation.  The Baby Jesus is the perfect reflection of the compassion of God. He born to die for us. Jesus was born in a cave, and He was buried in a cave. At birth, Jesus’ body was wrapped up and being laid down. At death, His body was also wrapped up and being laid down. In the Holy Eucharist Jesus continues to give Himself up for us. The spirit Christmas is “Giving”.

3. In order to turn from the darkness of sin into the light of love, we must response to the love of God. The shepherds responded by: believing, praising, & proclaiming. Our Lady responded by treasuring all things in her heart and pondered on them. We too, should spend time praying, and contemplating the Mystery of the Incarnation and thus let God teach us the meanings of Christmas.

Here is my English sermon, and here is my Chinese one.

At the 11 AM Mass, I decided to try something new:  Since there are a good number of Filipinos at St. Pat’s,  I said “Merry Christmas” in Tagalog. It sounds something like this: “Maligayang Pasko”.


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