Monday, December 29, 2008

My Sunday Sermon

Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Family. The theme of my preaching was fulfilling the Will of God.

  • The key to harmony within oneself and family is doing the Will of God
  • Insisting doing our own will and getting our own way at all times is not going to bring us true happiness
  • If you wish to be pleasing to God and happy here below, be in all things united to His will.---ST. ALPHONSUS.
  • Both Our Lady & Abraham accepted the Will of God without knowing exactly the the “How” and the “When”.
  • Our Lady & Abraham experienced both sorrows & joys when fulfilling the Will of God.
  • In family life, we discern the Will of God by considering our DUTIES, and by listening to God in daily PRAYERS.
  • Uniting ourselves to the Will of God gives us great happiness and peace which the world cannot take away.


Nijole Sadunaite was a member of the Catholic Church in Lithuania. She was persecuted by Communist Lithuania. When offered freedom for just one statement that would incriminate her acquaintances, Nijole replied that she prefer to suffer rather than having freedom with a troubled conscience. She even succeeded in turning the tables on her captors:

If you gave me eternal youth and all the beautiful things in the world for one statement which would cause some trouble, then those years would turn into hell for me. Even if you kept me in the psychiatric hospital all my life, as long as I knew that no one had suffered on my account, I would go around smiling. A clear conscience is more precious than liberty or life.

I do not understand how you, whose conscience is burdened by the spilled blood and tears of so many innocent people, can sleep at night. I would agree to die a thousand times rather than be free for one second with your conscience.”

You can download my English sermon here, and my Chinese one here. You can find my other sermons on-line here.