Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catechetical Talk #4 (The Existence of God)

Here is my 4th Catechetical Talk for my 3 prayer groups. 


I Believe in God means:

1st. I believe that there is a God, who is the beginning and the end of all things.

2nd. I believe in God, that is, in all that He has revealed.

3rd. I abandon myself lovingly to His protection, because He is goodness itself.


Existence of God:

Known by Revelation

Proved by Reason

  • Physical Proof
  • Metaphysical Proofs
  • Moral Proofs


Physical Proof, or argument from design

  • the proof drawn from final causes, is framed on the adaptation of means to end, which is manifest in the external world.
  • Things destitute of intelligence tending to an end under the direction of an intelligent Being.

Metaphysical Proofs

  • Contingency of beings (there must be a Being having in its own essence the reason of its existence)
  • Subordination of efficient causes (there must be a first efficient Cause)
  • Motion (there be a primary Mover that moves all else without being moved itself)

Moral Proofs

  • Universal consent (all men have always and everywhere acknowledged a divinity whom they owe worship)
  • Moral law (all men acknowledge that they are bound by a moral law, which enjoins certain things on them and forbids others. According as they keep or break this law, that experience happiness or remorse.)


The outline above will make much more sense for you if you listen to the talk…….

English Talk:

Chinese Talk:



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