Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catholic Challenge of the Week (Feb. 15 to 21)

Q1. What means, ‘He descended to the dead’?


Q2. What means, ‘the third day He rose again from the dead’?


Q3. Why has Jesus still retained the marks of His sufferings in His glorified body?


Q4. What effect ought the doctrine of the Resurrection of Christ to produce in us?


Please try to answer the questions (you may answer just 1 or 2 question(s) if you wish) using the Comments feature. Answers will be posted automatically on Sunday (February 22) at 3 AM.


Answers for Last Week:

Q1. Why would Jesus suffer so much?

A1. In order that we might better realize the greatness of His love, and of the punishment which sin deserves; and also that we might bear our cross the more patiently.

Q2. From what has Christ redeemed us by His sufferings and death?

A2. He has redeemed us, 1. From sin; and 2. From eternal damnation, which we have deserved by sin. 

Q3. What more has Christ gained for us through His sufferings and death?

A3. He has, 1. Reconciled us with God; 2. Reopened Heaven to us; and 3. Merited abundant graces for us, in order to enable us to lead a holy life and to obtain eternal happiness.

Q4. If Christ has merited eternal salvation for all men, why, then, are not all saved?

A4. Because not all do, on their part, what is necessary for obtaining salvation; that is, because they do not all believe, keep Commandments, and use the means of grace.

Moral Application:

Oh! that you would never forget how much Jesus has loved you, and what He has suffered for you. For out of mercy, and ‘for His exceeding charity wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins’ (Eph. ii. 4,5), He has redeemed us through His most bitter Passion and death, and has placed us in the kingdom of His grace. Let this charity of Christ urge you to live unto Him who died for you, and rose again (2 Cor. v. 14,15).