Monday, February 9, 2009

Chinese RCIA (2009年2月7日)

Last Saturday (Feb. 7th), I taught Chinese RCIA. I continued the topic of the Sacrament of Penance. I talked about Purpose of Amendment, Confession, and Satisfaction.

Purpose of Amendment

  • Purpose of Amendment is the firm resolution not to sin again.
  • We must avoid not only sin, but occasions of sin (things, places, and persons that lead us to sin).

Occasions of Sin:

Proximate (near) vs. Remote

Mortal Sin vs. Venial Sin

Unnecessary vs. Necessary

  • We have the serious obligation to avoid unnecessary proximate occasions of mortal sin.


  • Our Confession should humble (no excuses), sincere (no falsehoods), and entire (no omissions).
  • We must confession the kinds and number of mortal sins, and all the circumstances which might change the nature of the sin or add to its gravity.
  • If a person willingly conceal a mortal sin in Confession, that person make a bad Confession, and none of his sins would be forgiven.
  • If a person accidentally forget a mortal sin in Confession, the sin is forgiven indirectly. But if he remember the sin, he should confess it in his next  Confession.



  • Satisfaction is the spiritual work imposed as a penance by the priest in Confession in proportion to the gravity of our sins.
  • Reasons: 1. that we may do penance for our sins, and 2. to help us amend.
  • We have the obligation to perform the penance given by priest. If the penance is given for mortal sin, then the obligation is grave.