Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Saturday Chinese RCIA (2009年2月21日)

Last Saturday (2009年2月21日) I taught the catechumen about Holy Communion.

Before Holy Communion



  • in the state of grace (NO mortal sin)
  • right intention (receive  as spiritual food & medicine)


  • Communion fast (1 hour before receiving Communion)
  • Respect

During Holy Communion

  • Receive with love, faith, and humility
  • Receive as if it is our first, last, and only Holy Communion

After Holy Communion

  • Thanksgiving (do the treat Jesus as a dead object)
  • Chief effects of Holy Communion:

1. a closer union with Our Lord and a more fervent love of God and of our neighbor;

2. an increase of sanctifying grace;

3. preservation from mortal sin and the remission of venial sin;

4. the lessening of our inclinations to sin and the help to practice good works.

O.T. Manna


O.T. The Bread of Elias


Man’s Triple Life (Natural, Intellectual, & Supernatural)


The 3 Requirements:

1. be in the state of grace;

2. know and reverence Whom we are going to receive;

3. Keep the Eucharistic fast.


 Old law of Eucharistic fast….

No solid food or alcohol: three hours.


No non-alcoholic drinks: one hour.


Water does not break the fast.



Current law for Eucharistic fast: abstain from solid food, beverages and alcoholic drinks within one hour of receiving Holy Communion. Water and medicine may be taken any time.

Communion can be received without the Eucharistic fast when in danger of death or to avoid sacrilegious acts towards the Holy Eucharist. Besides, the elderly and the sick, as well as persons caring for them, may receive Holy Communion even though they have not observed the Eucharistic fast.

The Wedding-Garment: State of Grace


St. Paul: A man must examine himself first before Holy Communion.


Worthily or Unworthily


With lively Faith: “Lord, I am not worthy… but only say the word…”


With Desire: Story of a 4 year old Chinese girl who tried to rid her baby teeth so that the priest would give her Holy Communion.


Modestly, with Humility


Old Law of Fast was from midnight till Holy Communion (story of a captain during WWI fasted till 3 PM to receive Holy Communion)


Grave obligation to receive Holy Communion:

  • Once a year at Easter time
  • In danger of death


Pope St. Pius X lower the age of 1st Communion from 12 to 7 (age of reason). Story: while Pius X gave Holy Communion, a child said, “Please, Mr Pope, why don’t you give Jesus also to me?”. The Pope was visibly moved.


Reverence of Love. Story: A priest brought Holy Communion to the sick, St. Dominic Savio knelt and spread out his handkerchief and politely motioned the soldier to use it to kneel.


Converse with the Lord. Story: One day St. Dominic Savio absorbed in prayer for 7 hours after receiving Holy Communion. 


Our Strength: Holy Communion gives strength to martyrs.


Communion of Reparation (Sacred Heart)


Story: an Indian would not miss his 1st Friday Communion, even though he was not well.


Our Daily Bread (A healthy family sits down to the daily meals with goodwill. So does the healthy family of Christ’s own share with goodwill in the Heavenly Banquet He has prepared.)




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