Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Sunday Sermon

Today during my Sermon I focused on 2 areas:

1. The Healing Touch of Jesus

  • We are touched by Jesus individually (especially in the Sacraments), we should in turn touch others individually.
  • Treating persons as persons, and serving them one-at-a -time like Mother Teresa.
  • Jesus at first reached out to the people, and now the people reached out to Him. If we reach out to others through service, we can help bringing them to Jesus.

2. The Prayer of Jesus

  • When Peter’s mother-in-law was sick, they told Jesus at once. When we have difficulties, we should tell Jesus at once through prayers.
  • Jesus made time and space for prayer. We should make prayer our high priority and make time for prayer.
  • With prayers, we can accomplished much more for God and for others.

Here is my MP3 English Sermon.

Here is my MP3 Chinese Sermon.

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