Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saintly Quote for Lent (ON HUMILITY)

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday, I am going to share with readers of my blog a quotation each day on the virtue of humility.

This year I choose the virtue of humility partly because of the following quote:

I desire, My dearly beloved daughter, that you practice the three virtues that are dearest to Me--- and most pleasing to God. The first is humility, humility, and once again humility; the second virtue, purity; the third virtue, love of God. As My daughter, you must especially radiate with these virtues.---OUR LADY TO ST. FAUSTINA KOWALSKA.


I think you also have an idea what virtues I will focus on in the next two years during Lent if I am still blogging.